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Dec 04, 2019

Creative New Zealand commissioned this Risk Management Toolkit (Toolkit) to help managers and administrators in New Zealand arts organisations to develop or improve their risk management practice. Risk, uncertainty and change exist for every organisation. You can be better prepared and reduce the likelihood of harm to your organisation and community through risk management.

This resource was published in July 2014. 

This toolkit will help you to:

  • identify and understand risk factors for your organisation 
  • create a risk management policy
  • manage and monitor the risks you have identified

Mar 28, 2019

There’s nothing more satisfactory than watching a person sat in the Auditorium of Barcelona for the first time being moved by the Titan Mahler’s symphony. That audience member belongs to the over 110.000 people that come to listen to the Orquesta Sinfónica de Barcelona & Nacional de Catalunya (OBC) every year. And each of these audience members is unique to us.

Moving from global communications to micromarketing; from the orchestra notoriety to detailed Audience management; from branding to subscription; from Mahler to The Lord of the Rings”.

About 2 years ago we had the need to boost the OBC. We had to, the OBC was literally disappearing from the city’s imaginary! And this time we needed it to be cool, we needed people to be amazed, we wanted an orchestra that connected with people and to do so through symphonic music, which was what we best thing we knew how to do. If today there are thousands of people amazed by Shostakovich, there are many more thousands that don’t know they would love Shostakovich if they had the chance to enjoy it. And there’s the challenge, Are we able to seduce them? How do we do it? And how do we get them to come back? Who could be the Pied Piper of Hamelin? … And suddenly it came to my mind… What do the Holst’s Planets and the original movie soundtrack of Gladiator have in common? The answers in this video of Valentí Oviedo (Former CEO at L' Auditori y de la Orquesta Ciutat de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya, Spain) in #MarketingArtes16 (Madrid).


Oct 18, 2018

CONECTANDO AUDIENCIAS ITALIA rende accessibile, in italiano, parte del patrimonio di buone pratiche internazionali valorizzato negli anni da Asimétrica attraverso la rivista CONECTANDO AUDIENCIAS, che nella versione italiana si arricchisce delle più interessanti e visionarie iniziative realizzate nel nostro Paese. La rivista accoglie articoli di approfondimento sul tema dell’audience development, del management e del marketing culturale e, grazie alle esperienze di colleghi internazionali, intende ispirare le comunità di settore, intercettare le evoluzioni e i cambiamenti in atto e interpretare le trasformazioni del futuro.

New Wolsey Theatre is based in Ipswich and is an independent not-for-profit organisation. They are funded by Arts Council England as one of its National Portfolio Organisations and receive local funding from Ipswich Borough Council and Suffolk County Council as well as other project funding from a variety of sources. New Wolsey Theatre is a mid-scale theatre with a mixed performance programme that combines in-house with touring productions. It has a diverse audience, a strong commitment to access and reaching parts of the community not normally engaged in the arts. This is complemented by a strong business model based on a policy of maximising earned income, especially through ticket sales, and innovative funding. Ipswich is a town with 127.000 population, a mix of ‘rural bliss’, ‘gentrified areas’ new build family housing and older working class areas. Fans of the local football club Ipswich Town are known as the ‘Tractor Boy’ indicating how the town has historically been perceived (tractors are farm vehicles).

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