New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich, UK

New Wolsey Theatre is based in Ipswich and is an independent not-for-profit organisation. They are funded by Arts Council England as one of its National Portfolio Organisations and receive local funding from Ipswich Borough Council and Suffolk County Council as well as other project funding from a variety of sources. New Wolsey Theatre is a mid-scale theatre with a mixed performance programme that combines in-house with touring productions. It has a diverse audience, a strong commitment to access and reaching parts of the community not normally engaged in the arts. This is complemented by a strong business model based on a policy of maximising earned income, especially through ticket sales, and innovative funding. Ipswich is a town with 127.000 population, a mix of ‘rural bliss’, ‘gentrified areas’ new build family housing and older working class areas. Fans of the local football club Ipswich Town are known as the ‘Tractor Boy’ indicating how the town has historically been perceived (tractors are farm vehicles).

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Feb 13, 2018
By Bunker Ljubljana, Slovenia
Feb 13, 2018


Bunker is oriented to performing arts. It was established in 1997 as a private, non-profit institute in order to promote young performing artists through the Mladi Levi festival that was initiated in 1998. Since many other festivals have started to present emerging performing artists Bunker has expanded its commitment to performing arts through following areas: performing arts production, festivals, international cooperation through networks and collaboration projects, educational programs, discussion evenings and management of the venue located in the outskirts of Slovenia’s capital city of Ljubljana. The venue is in an old power station converted into the performing arts centre. It is used by Bunker, but is also service/space for other performing arts organizations.

By John Rylands Library Manchester, UK
Feb 13, 2018

The John Rylands Library (JRL) is part of the University Library, which in turn is part of the University of Manchester. The library is famous for having a Gutenberg Bible and the earliest known copy of St John’s Gospel – known as the St John Fragment as well as all four folios of William Shakespeare and several important 19th century facsimiles of the First Folio. JRL is especially interesting in its audience development because of the transformation over 7 – 9 years, progressing from a prestigious but rather dusty and old-fashioned institution to a well-loved public organisation. Between 2001 and 2016 its attendances have more than doubled and it has become the number one attraction in Manchester on Trip Advisor.

By Dansen Hus Stockholm, Sweden
Feb 13, 2018

Dansen Hus (DH) is a contemporary dance guest stage, presenting international as well as national artists and companies, including associated forms of stage art, like street dance and contemporary circus. DH has the art form, contemporary dance, and its contemporary enlargement as, as its primary mission. The audience development priority for DH is to promote accessibility to contemporary dance, by presenting high quality national and international dance, supporting, developing and renewing the art form. This includes giving choreographers the possibility to work in residencies and networking the dance sector for increased touring nationally. DH functions as a national hub for contemporary dance.

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