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Aug 10, 2018

This interesting 2017 resource from TRGarts allows arts professionals to set some of the key metrics for arts organizations to build loyalty. It's very useful to better understand where you are at in terms of your ability to attract vs. retain users as well as to be able to set goals and start your first steps towards an organized loyalty plan in time. It outlines the importance of keeping the churn rate or attrition low as much as acquiring new single ticket buyers in order to grow in a sustainable way, providing good examples and figures to express these concepts.


Aug 02, 2018

Dance/USA conceived of EDA to increase the field’s capacity to engage audiences by funding new practices and research and sharing all that was learned with the field. In Round Two, Dance/USA will again provide funding for its members to adapt what was learned to their own organizations. In Learning Exchanges, Dance/USA staff and 8 EDA grantees share the results of the projects and research in an interactive setting with peers.

Jul 26, 2018

One of the best things of being a Tate Member is the Welcome Pack and specially the Oyster Card, which you can use for example in the parking lot or when buying in a store, always showing with it that you are part of the Tate. 

Abi Laughton Tate Britain Marketing manager will focus her paper on carrying out an effective program of partners and build lasting relationships with visitors.

This Abi´s Laughton presentation in #MarketingArtes14. 

Jul 26, 2018

Una de las mejores cosas de Tate Members es el pack de bienvenida, y dentro de él lo mejor es la Oyster Card, que puedes utilizar, por ejemplo, en el parking o al comprar en una tienda mostrando siempre con ella que eres parte de la Tate. Este tipo de cosas son oro.

Recuperamos la intervención de Abi Laughton – Responsable de Marketing y Comunicación en TATE Galleries, – en #MarketingArtes14 donde nos explica cuáles son los componentes esenciales necesarios para llevar a acabo un programa de socios efectivo y cómo construir relaciones duraderas con los visitantes.

En este recurso podrás conocer de la mano de Abi la importancia de estos programas de fidelización,  las técnicas efectivas de atracción, retención y reactivación de socios, y en cómo el socio encaja dentro del resto de la organización.