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The CLICK Festival is an important, quite specific annual activity, which takes place over a weekend every year. It is initiated by the Culture Yard in Elsinore and realized through a complex collaboration with local and international partners, reaching out to an audience of 3.600 in 2016. CLICK reaches a segment with an interest in exploring the cross field between contemporary art, science and technology, those willing to get on board on a journey towards ‘undiscovered’ opportunities. The Culture Yard is a cross disciplinary and aesthetic institution aiming at a triangular vision based on three equally balanced elements: the artistic production, the social audience experience and the historical or architectural framework. Whether it is a performance, a concert, talks or art installations, these three elements form the very spine of the programming.


With over 5000 sq. meters at its disposal, CAOS is a complex centre of art production, hosting two museums, one exhibition area, one theatre, a residency centre, a library, a café- restaurant, a cinema and a special area for educational activities with about 1100 activities annual. Caos is community-oriented and artists-led initiative, with the aim to mediate between artists and communities in a participatory way.


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