Apr 22, 2019

Resúmenes en vídeo de las ponencia impartidas por Amaia Makua y Macarena Cuenca en el Seminario "Conectando con los públicos de nuestros museos", organizado por la Cátedra Ocio y Conocimiento y en colaboración con los proyectos PUBLICUM y CONNECT y celebrado el 25 de mayo de 2018, en la sede de Deusto en Madrid. 



Macarena Cuenca: "El estado del arte de la intervención en museos desde el desarrollo de audiencias"


Apr 22, 2019

Video summaries of Ben Walmsley´s Conference and Maria Vlachou's Conference in the Expert Degree in Cultural Audiences / Expert Degree in Public's Strategies. University of Deusto.

Ben Walmsley (University of Leeds) - Audience development, engagement and enrichment. OCTOBER, 25TH 2018


Maria Vlachou (Access Culture) - Cultural democracy & participation. OCTOBER, 10TH 2018


Apr 02, 2019

On Tuesday 26th March, we had our international CONNECT webinar to discuss some of the action research projects that are being designed and implemented in the different countries where the Twin-track programme is being delivered.

Even though each course is taking place at a national level, we are all part of a bigger picture – the CONNECT project and consortium. Thus, this webinar, along with other project activities (the Turin mobility in Jan19, the mentors’ webinar in May19 and the Bilbao learning mobility and final conference in Dec19), tries to emphasize the international dimension of each course, by bringing together participants from Denmark, Poland, UK, Italy and Spain to discuss about audience development challenges.

The webinar started with a short introduction of the project manager, Macarena Cuenca, and afterwards each of the countries presented one action research project that is being led by a practitioner + student couple. The cases were presented as follows:

Spain: “How to attract young audiences to Sala Cero (Seville)” by Mamen Muñoz & Irene Gómez
Italy: “How to make the audience loyal in Triennale Teatro dell'Arte (Milan)” by Silvia Bovio & Valeria La Corte
UK: “Prototyping and testing different audience consultation activities in the Imperial War Museum (London)” by Camilla Thomas
Denmark: “How pupils from elementary school asses and experience the Salaam Film & Dialog events (Copenhaguen)” by Kari Dreijer
Poland: “How to „give back” the Bródno Sculpture Park to the local society in the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw” by Dominika Jagiełło

If you missed it, now you have the opportunity to listen to it!





Feb 06, 2019

Last month CONNECT had its winter school. Over 50 students, practitioners and partners got together in Turin to commonly reflect on the Twin Track Program already in motion.

We have crossed half of this project that started in 2017 and it certainly was time to exchange ideas, impressions and feedback from across Europe between all parties involved.
The objective was to commonly understand how to improve the experience, contents and format of the program in every country. Share the difficulties and opportunities found in the journey and try to provide constructive solutions for the future.

In order to do that we applied creative approaches and action-learning methodologies to solve complex problems. A longer post illustrating these processes is yet to come next week. By now, enjoy this funny video we did presenting “The Audience Squad: searching for the unknown”. We hope you like it.



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