Oct 15, 2019

From the 25th to the 27th November the University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain) will host the last learning mobility of the CONNECT project, that is slowly reaching its end.

Participants from Italy, Denmark, Poland, UK and Spain will get together to exchange their experiences in the CONNECT training (our famous TTP) and will share challenges and solutions applied during their action research projects on audience development.

We are working hard on the agenda to make the most out of this mobility. Even though we don’t have all the details yet, here it goes some info as we know that you are all getting impatient 😉

Monday, November 25th 2019

11:00 – 12:30 OPTIONAL technical visit to a cultural institution in Bilbao (for early arrivers)

15:00 – Official starting of the learning mobility

15:00 – 19:30 Open event (presentation of the TTP in the different countries; world café)

Tuesday, November 26th 2019

09:00 – 10:30 Inspiring keynote speaker + working session

10:30 – 11:00 Coffee break

11:00 – 13:00 Working session

13:00 – 13:30 Bus transfer

13:30 – 15:00 Lunch + technical visit to Espacio Open

15:30 – 17:30 Technical visit + working session at ZAWP

20:00 Networking dinner

Wednesday, November 27th 2019

10:00 – 11:00 Technical visit to the Fine Arts Museum in Bilbao

11:30 – 13:30 Working session

13:30 – 15:00 Lunch at the university canteen

15:00 – 17:00 Working session

18:00 – 19:30 OPTIONAL: Guided tour to the Guggenheim museum (extra fee to be paid; around 10€)

If you are a CONNECT participant attending the Bilbao learning mobility, please make sure to register here before the 25th October 2019!!

Deusto Interior firmada


Oct 03, 2019

A lo largo del curso 2018-2019, y en el marco del proyecto CONNECT, 23 estudiantes completaron el programa piloto (Twin Track Programme) en España. A través de una metodología basada en el design thinking y el aprendizaje basado en proyectos, la formación teórica y práctica en torno al desarrollo de audiencias tuvo como núcleo y culminación del programa el diseño e implementación de un proyecto de investigación-acción en torno a los públicos.

Partiendo del análisis de las necesidades reales de las instituciones participantes, y con el acompañamiento personalizado de un tutor académico y de un mentor profesional, los estudiantes diseñaron e implementaron proyectos en un total de 13 instituciones, tales como el Museo Nacional del Prado, Matadero Madrid, el Auditorio de Tenerife, ZAWP, Alhóndiga Bilbao, el Teatro de la Zarzuela o Medialab Prado, entre otras. A través del formato de un vídeo, los propios estudiantes presentan los objetivos y resultados de sus proyectos.

Puedes consultar los videos a continuación: 

Héctor del Barrio y Andrea Ipinze – Proyecto de investigación-acción en la Subdirección General de Museos Estatales 


Noelia Ibáñez y Miriam Huescar – Proyecto de investigación-acción en el Museo Nacional del Prado 


Aida Pérez y Rafael Molina – Proyecto de investigación-acción en el Teatro de la Zarzuela  


Marina Aparicio y Ana Bascones – Proyecto de investigación-acción en ZAWP  



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Jul 15, 2019

Meeting hosted by CKI

After finalising the TTPs in the 5 CONNECT countries, all the partners met in Copenhagen from the 1st to the 3rd of July to discuss on evaluation and validation of the programme. Moreover, these discussions served as a starting point to approach the relevant issue of the legacy of the TTP. In this sense, it is worth mentioning that in the case of Poland and Spain, the TTP has been delivered as new postgraduate courses that will have their second edition, starting in January 2020, once the CONNECT project is finished.

It seems incredible, but there are just 6 months ahead of us… 6 exciting months with an important milestone: the Bilbao learning mobility (25th to 27th November 2019), the structure of which we have already started to devise. Bilbao will be the place and the moment where the CONNECT participants will have the chance to share their learnings, network and feel part of something bigger… Will we be able to maintain and enlarge the CONNECT community beyond the project? Will we be able to continue working and innovating in this consortium where new ideas flow and become reality thanks to different perspectives and the amount of energy of the team? That’s the challenge on which we will also work hard in the following months…

Workshop on evaluation. Introduction by Alessandra Gariboldi (Fondazione Fitzcarraldo)

Sharing our evaluation reflections per hub in the big group.

Visit to Copenhagen Contemporary (CC)

Working on the Bilbao learning mobility

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Jun 24, 2019

On Friday 21st June, we celebrated the closure of our TTP in Spain with an event in Matadero Madrid, one of the organisations that has taken part in this training journey.

At 9h45, we met at the information desk and split into three different groups: postgraduate students, practitioners and mentors. Each group, led by a Deusto trainer, went to a specific location for a focus group, which lasted one hour and a half and served for evaluation purposes.

Afterwards, we met again all together and, after taking some photos, each couple shared with the group a short video from their project, showing what they had done and achieved. We have to congratulate all our participants, because the videos were really amazing!! As to be expected, this was followed by a big applause while they were given their diploma and the newly published book “El desarrollo de audiencias en España. Reflexiones desde la teoría y la práctica”, edited by Macarena Cuenca-Amigo and Jaime Cuenca within the framework of the CONNECT project.

The event finished with a shared lunch in a terrace, enjoying the beginning of summer in Madrid.

The mentors after the focus group in Cineteca (Matadero Madrid)

The CONNECT community in Spain (students, practitioners, mentors and trainers)

The CONNECT community in Spain (students, practitioners, mentors and trainers)

A moment of the delivery of diplomas

The book the participants received as a present from the University of Deusto



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