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Feb 13, 2018


Bunker is oriented to performing arts. It was established in 1997 as a private, non-profit institute in order to promote young performing artists through the Mladi Levi festival that was initiated in 1998. Since many other festivals have started to present emerging performing artists Bunker has expanded its commitment to performing arts through following areas: performing arts production, festivals, international cooperation through networks and collaboration projects, educational programs, discussion evenings and management of the venue located in the outskirts of Slovenia’s capital city of Ljubljana. The venue is in an old power station converted into the performing arts centre. It is used by Bunker, but is also service/space for other performing arts organizations.

Brighton Early Music Festival (BREMF) is the largest early music festival (with a Brighton twist) in the South of England. The main activity of the charity is the festival, which takes place in late October and early November. The charity objectives are to encourage, advance, develop and maintain public education in appreciation of and involvement in pre-classical and classical music and the performing arts, by promoting periodically a series of public concerts, dramatic performances, exhibitions and other cultural events; to promote and assist in the advancement of public and professional education by the provision of workshops, lectures and educational events for people of all ages. Throughout the year it carries out educational activities with schools, young artists and the community.

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