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Dec 03, 2018

This article and video, focused in Opera Theatre of Saint Louis (OTSL), are part of a series describing the early work of some of the 25 performing arts organizations participating in The Wallace Foundation’s $64 million Building Audiences for Sustainability initiative. Launched in 2015 in response to concerns about a declining audience base for a number of major art forms, the endeavor seeks to help the organizations strengthen their audience-building efforts, see if this contributes to their financial sustainability, and develop insights from the work for the wider arts field.

As a public institution and City Cinema KKC offers quality film screenings, including openair screenings during summertime, connected events, side activities and film educational programs, primarily, but not just, for youth. KKC is fundamentally promoting quality film and film culture in a broad sense. As a venue for special events, among them film festivals, international conferences (one 2014 entitled Film Education in Cinemas), coacting with Slovene and international partners in offering its facilities, services and expertise. KKC is organizing additional activities as lectures and seminars, workshops and discussions, among which a Young Audience film and education programme for audiences younger than 14, and one for viewers older than 14 years. KKC is also holding a cinema archive available, a film bookshop and cinema café.

Brighton Early Music Festival (BREMF) is the largest early music festival (with a Brighton twist) in the South of England. The main activity of the charity is the festival, which takes place in late October and early November. The charity objectives are to encourage, advance, develop and maintain public education in appreciation of and involvement in pre-classical and classical music and the performing arts, by promoting periodically a series of public concerts, dramatic performances, exhibitions and other cultural events; to promote and assist in the advancement of public and professional education by the provision of workshops, lectures and educational events for people of all ages. Throughout the year it carries out educational activities with schools, young artists and the community.

Asociația Culturală Metropolis aims at promoting quality film and film culture in a broad sense, fulfilling a cultural policy and film culture promoting mission; bringing quality film to the Romanian audience, bringing the audience to the cinema, as well as bringing quality films to the public, nurturing a film culture demand and knowledge, and developing and accomplishing educational measures especially for youth and children, matching quality supply with quality/qualified demand. In Bucharest, Asociația Culturală Metropolis held a function as local, national and international film culture hub. Asociația Culturală Metropolis’ main activities are related to the production of 3 main events: KINOdiseea, Caravana Metropolis, and Balkanik Festival

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