Caos – Centro Arti Opificio Siri Terni, Italy

With over 5000 sq. meters at its disposal, CAOS is a complex centre of art production, hosting two museums, one exhibition area, one theatre, a residency centre, a library, a café- restaurant, a cinema and a special area for educational activities with about 1100 activities annual. Caos is community-oriented and artists-led initiative, with the aim to mediate between artists and communities in a participatory way.


Caos – Centro Arti Opificio Siri Terni, Italy

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Mar 22, 2019
By Mar Dixon
Mar 22, 2019

How to you pull people from different sectors together to build an unknown outcome in 3 days? Started with seeing tweets from France and then wanting to get involved in something I didn’t really know what it was. It is something you have to experience to appreciate. I went to MuseoMix in France 2012 and even though didn’t understand language, knew the framework was something that could really remix and shake up museums!

The key idea was allowing other sectors to have input. For our first year, it was a little complicated getting a community but I called in favors from friends and paid them with cake and smiles. I knew they would get something out of it. Up until our first day, there was confusion but with the framework that allows for growth with some guidance the community was able to achieve a level of re-thinking they did not think would be possible. Since then we have done another MuseomixUK and rebranded to Open Community Lab to branch out to health care and other sectors.

Video of Mar DIXON (Open Community Lab and MuseomixUK, UK) at the Conference Marketing de las Artes in Madrid 2016. 

By Click Festival Elsinore, Denmark
Feb 13, 2018

The CLICK Festival is an important, quite specific annual activity, which takes place over a weekend every year. It is initiated by the Culture Yard in Elsinore and realized through a complex collaboration with local and international partners, reaching out to an audience of 3.600 in 2016. CLICK reaches a segment with an interest in exploring the cross field between contemporary art, science and technology, those willing to get on board on a journey towards ‘undiscovered’ opportunities. The Culture Yard is a cross disciplinary and aesthetic institution aiming at a triangular vision based on three equally balanced elements: the artistic production, the social audience experience and the historical or architectural framework. Whether it is a performance, a concert, talks or art installations, these three elements form the very spine of the programming.

Feb 12, 2018

Asociația Culturală Metropolis aims at promoting quality film and film culture in a broad sense, fulfilling a cultural policy and film culture promoting mission; bringing quality film to the Romanian audience, bringing the audience to the cinema, as well as bringing quality films to the public, nurturing a film culture demand and knowledge, and developing and accomplishing educational measures especially for youth and children, matching quality supply with quality/qualified demand. In Bucharest, Asociația Culturală Metropolis held a function as local, national and international film culture hub. Asociația Culturală Metropolis’ main activities are related to the production of 3 main events: KINOdiseea, Caravana Metropolis, and Balkanik Festival

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