Mar 27, 2020

Are you a student or a cultural practitioner interested in training in audience development in Spain, Italy, Poland, Denmark or the UK?

Are you a university or a training provider interested in setting up an audience development programme?

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Mar 24, 2020

The Warsaw Forum was a conversation about audiences, the arts and democracy hosted by the City of Warsaw in September 2018. An invitation-only event, The Warsaw Forum gathered together researchers, cultural practitioners, activists, policy-makers, and decision makers representing different cultural disciplines from across the EU and further afield. The event was the result of collaboration on a number of European projects by different organisations, which now form the Steering Committee, and which collectively brought time, energy and experience to bear in bringing this event to fruition.

The present report represents an extract of the conversations had at the Warsaw Forum. The report is structured in 4 chapters, corresponding to the four themes of the forum: ‘Is the role of culture in society changing?’, ‘How do we understand the politics of cultural authority when thinking about audiences and public engagement?’, ‘What will cultural democracy mean in the C21st/next 10 years?’ and ‘What is the role of cultural policymakers in widening participation and promoting cultural democracy?’.

You can read the final report of the forum here: 

Mar 24, 2020

In June  2018 Melting Pro welcomed the Connect partners in Rome for the final review of the theoretical modules, teaching methods and a train the training on mentoring lead by Adrian De La Court and Sian Prime of Goldsmith University of London.

Taking the opportunity of the European colleagues’ presence in our city, Melting Pro in collaboration  with the Culture Department of the City of Rome, and the Istituzione Sistema Biblioteche Centri Culturali  organised an event “Connect Rome - Conversations on Audience Development, Cultural policies and Higher Education".

Local cultural professionals attended the event at the Library Institute of Rome, a long-standing and active cultural organisation next to the famous Villa Borghese. The event was organised by Melting Pro and the project partner CKI in collaboration with the municipality of Rome.

This report shares the outcomes of those conversations around four themes, which are central to the training delivered within the Connect project:

Capturing Data


Cultural policies

Skills and training needs

The key questions that were discussed were:

·      How can cultural organisations become more relevant?

·      How can they be part of building a different future?

·      What skills do cultural professionals need to develop?

·      How can we understand our audiences?

The event was labelled as a European Year for Cultural Heritage event since it aimed also to reflect on how audience development could make cultural heritage more relevant to audiences, more connected to their needs, more inclusive and sustainable in the long term.

We are hopeful that readers will find the outcomes useful for their job in becoming more audience focused.

May 18, 2018

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The presents documents summarises the main features and findings of a study carried out within the framework of CONNECT, a Knowledge Alliance that promotes innovative cooperation between universities and organisations in the cultural sector across Europe.

CONNECT aims are to:

-  Bridge the gap between teaching in the academic/higher education world and Continuous Professional development in the cultural sector for the promotion of best practices and a systemic growth of audience development (AD).

-   Define a new validated “twin-track” programme in AD with a Mentoring and Coaching Scheme

- Create a mutually supportive network and learning community of academics, practitioners and students in the arts management field + an EU platform.

During the project a new Twin-track programme in Audience Development – AD - for students and practitioners working in arts management will be designed and launched by a transnational team of researchers, teachers and trainers from higher education institutions and private cultural organisations, in 5 national hubs: Spain, the UK, Italy, Denmark and Poland. The programme will be comprised of multidisciplinary training modules that mix formal and informal learning methodologies and digital resources. Parallel sessions using practice-based learning activities, will be run to introduce AD theory, practice and philosophy, transfer management and strategic skills, and develop entrepreneurial skills through a mentoring and coaching scheme that matches students with professionals.

As a preliminary step (WP2), the Consortium devised a study in order to ensure the Twin-track programme was set up correctly.

The following chapters report the research initiatives carried out by the Consortium in WP2, including methodologies, actions and the main cross-cutting results with a view to designing an up-to-date, context-responsive training programme.


CONNECT is a Knowledge Alliance for Audience Development that promotes innovative cooperation between universities, institutions and enterprises in the cultural sector across Europe.



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