Apr 17, 2020

The present document lists the recommendations carried out within the validation framework of CONNECT, a Knowledge Alliance Erasmus+ project (2017-2019). The validation activities are strictly related to its main output, the Twin-Track Programme (TTP) that was designed and implemented in 5 countries of the Consortium: Spain, Denmark, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom.

The first 10 recommendations are related to validation and general teaching in both curricular, academic, university-based context and the continuous professional learning context related to non-university teaching and training organisations. Recommendations 11 to 27 consist of more precise issues pointed by the consortium partners that might be seen as more detailed recommendations and guidelines for reflection and change in the practice-oriented teaching and training.

Apr 13, 2020

This report is a summary of the results of the monitoring and evaluation activities carried out during the CONNECT over a period of 36 months from 1/01/2017 – 31/12/2019.

It is an attempt to narrate what has been happening, it probably reflects the complexity of the project and what we have achieved, less all the encounters, the serendipity moments, the tough parts and the good parts, that everyone involved from the project consortium contributed to.

We thank all the directly involved 165 beneficiaries: 63 students from Arts/Heritage/Culture Masters’ courses, 61 practitioners from 21 museums, 18 theatres, 6 cultural centers, 5 festivals, 4 orchestras, 3 libraries, 1 historical archive and 12 other types of cultural enterprises from Denmark, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK. In addition, also 41 mentors, expert in audience development and cultural management, to support the students and practitioner during the learning programme and all the other stakeholders that supported us through this journey.

The twin track programme reflects the density and the diversity of the cultural sector across Europe, which is seen as a valuable aspect of the sector and the project.

This report has been bone By Melting Pro in collaboration with the external evaluator DISAMIS.

Apr 07, 2020

Are you interested in getting to know the outcomes of our CONNECT TTP? If that’s the case, then keep reading and download our Evaluation Report!!!!

The report summarises the results of the evaluation of the training programme, both of the single distinctive features of the CONNECT programme – twin track of students and professionals, mentoring scheme and Action Research – and of the overall process.

In the report, you will find the learning outcomes for participants in terms of hard and soft skills, the impacts on their career development and the outcomes for the involved cultural organisations. Conclusions summarise what worked best and what to improve, and envision the main challenges for future programmes aimed to equip the cultural sector with the means to face a changing social and economic environment.

Mar 27, 2020

Are you a student or a cultural practitioner interested in training in audience development in Spain, Italy, Poland, Denmark or the UK?

Are you a university or a training provider interested in setting up an audience development programme?

  • This resource might inspire you in the process of creating your own programme, but remember “This resource is free to use and share but must be used with a credit to the ‘CONNECT TTP Syllabus (2018)’


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CONNECT is a Knowledge Alliance for Audience Development that promotes innovative cooperation between universities, institutions and enterprises in the cultural sector across Europe.



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