Dec 13, 2018

This report of findings and recommendations is part of a bigger study delivered to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago by Slover Linnet's researchers in November 2014. We want to share it here because it's interesting to see the way they studied the museum's visitors behavior to have an understanding of the impact of new technologies to engage with people. The study payed special attention to the different ways people engaged with the institution using new technologies offered by the museum. This report encapsulates the key findings of that research.

Slover Linett

Slover Linett is an audience research firm for the arts, culture and informal science sectors. They help museums, arts organizations and other nonprofits understand their audiences so they can connect to more people, more deeply. Based in Chicago and founded in 1997, Slover Linett works with institutions of culture and learning, from the Seattle Art Museum and the University of Chicago to the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Smithsonian Institution. 



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