Jul 24, 2019

The development of customer loyalty in the performing arts differs from the development of customer loyalty in other sectors. The goal of this study is to understand, describe and explain customer loyalty to performing arts venues.

This resource was published in 2013 by Pieter de Rooij.

Pieter de Rooij

Dr. Pieter de Rooij (1968) has a strong focus during 25 years in (experience) marketing and CRM. He finished his PhD at Tilburg University in 2013 (Customer loyalty to performing arts venues). He worked in the industry for many years as a marketeer, researcher and consultant. He strives to create a linkage between the academic and the practitioners’s world by research and executive education.

His expertise and his research interests are mainly in the field of arts and culture, and to a wider extent in the leisure and tourism industry:

  • Consumer behaviour (customer loyalty, involvement, consumption motives)
  • Experience marketing (consumer experiences, value creation, customer journey)
  • Customer Relationship Management (analytics, communication campaigns, relationship strategies).


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