Customer loyalty to performing arts venues. Between routines and coincidence

Jul 24, 2019

The development of customer loyalty in the performing arts differs from the development of customer loyalty in other sectors. The goal of this study is to understand, describe and explain customer loyalty to performing arts venues.

This resource was published in 2013 by Pieter de Rooij.

Customer loyalty to performing arts venues. Between routines and coincidence

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Sep 24, 2019
By Creative London Works
Sep 24, 2019

This resource was published in May 2014. The project aims to better describe the cultural value of opera through a study of its most devoted audience members.

To study this group, they conducted a number of qualitative surveys (177 respondents) and open-­‐ ended interviews (18 individuals) with audience members for three London-­‐based companies. They did this in collaboration with the companies involved, who added their own questions relevant to their marketing needs.

Sinéad O’Neill, Creativeworks London
Joshua Edelman, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
John Sloboda, Guildhall School of Music & Drama

Nov 08, 2018
By The Wallace Foundation
Nov 08, 2018

This case study originally released in 2011 describes how the Steppenwolf Theatre Company has addressed the vexing problem of falling ticket subscription rates by developing deeper relationships with both subscribers and non-subscribers. To that end, it launched an experiment centered on promoting a dialogue among audience members and the artists about the process of creating theater. Audience members took part in nightly post-show discussions, attended special thematic events and were offered access to a rich selection of online content—including videos, podcasts, blogs, articles and slide shows—in which the artists talked about their work from a variety of perspectives.

The result: During a two-year period, many audience members who used to attend only one performance per season bought tickets to two, three or more shows. At the same time, the relationship-deepening initiatives had the added benefit of supporting high subscriber renewal rates.

This report is part of a set of case studies and reports looking at the efforts of arts organizations that received Wallace Excellence Awards to reach new audiences and deepen relationships with current ones.

Sep 19, 2018
By Dance/USA
Sep 19, 2018

Dance/USA conceived of EDA to increase the field’s capacity to engage audiences by funding new practices and research and sharing all that was learned with the field. 

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