Sep 05, 2018

Music organizations and ensembles from 17 European countries participated in a two-year project (New Music : New Audiences, 2012-2014) on audience engagement with the aim of creating and trying out concert formats in tune with a contemporary audience. The project was supported by the Cultural Programme of EU and explored several aspects of the way that new music can meet an audience.

Here you will find the final report with all the findings and conclusion. A good resource for professionals, students and researchers of the classical and contemporary music scene looking for ideas to better engage their audinces.


NewAud is a network consisting of 31 ensembles, composers’ associations, music information centres and rights associations. With support of the Cultural Programme of the EU the network was formed in 2012, and for two years the ensembles in the network worked closely together on developing new concert formats, discussing and finding solutions to the many challenges they met on the way.