Feb 13, 2018

For Audience Development to be effective, the whole cultural organization has to be committed to it, but… what does this mean? What are cultural organizations that really place people at their heart like? How did they lead their communities and stay relevant and sustainable? What kind of skills and tools do they need to face the changing paradigm towards a more audience-focused organization?

Alessandra Gariboldi will answer to these and other questions drawing on her knowledge of the EU study of over 30 European cultural organizations: “Audience development – How to place audiences at the centre of cultural organisations”.

This study, done by the Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, Culture Action Europe, ECCOM and Intercult, within the Creative Europe framework, showcases different successful approaches and methods in the Audience development/engagement field.

Alessandra Gariboldi

Alessandra Gariboldi is senior researcher and consultant in the fields of visitor studies and cultural project evaluation, with a primary focus on audience engagement and participatory approaches.

She’s the coordinator of the Research and Consulting Department of the Fondazione Fitzcarraldo and collaborates with the Cultural Observatory of Piedmont, Italy. With an educational background in Art History and Sociology, she also acts as an independent trainer and adviser for cultural organizations in developing and evaluating participatory projects aiming to reach and engage new audiences.

She is actively involved as researcher and trainer in two EU funded projects on audience development: ADESTE (Audience Developer Skills and Training in Europe) for developing and testing a new occupational profile in arts organizations; and Be SpectActive, whose aim is to test and develop performing arts projects actively involving audience in programming.



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