Mar 26, 2020

When applying for a European grant, most of the time you are likely required to define a quality assurance and evaluation strategy to guarantee that the project will reach the expected goals. This guide will help you reach those goals and keep your partners and stakeholders motivated, even if they have been part of the design process. From the idea design to the implementation, each project is a learning practice. Monitoring and evaluation are essential elements of this process. Both should be seen as an integral part of the process and not an add-on.

This toolkit is aimed at sharing an approach to monitoring and evaluation by suggesting using creative games and visual techniques along with standard monitoring and evaluation tools.

The exercises in this toolkit have been sourced from many people that have inspired us. Some are approaches that are familiar and it is difficult to know who invented them. We hope that this guide will serve as tools to anyone in charge for managing European projects or any kind of project and hopefully they will help you to tell the story of your project.

We extend our gratitude to all of the organisations and individual who have supported our project along the way.

Melting Pro

We are active in the field of arts and culture to promote innovative projects and support professionals in their developmental paths and growth.

The European and international dimension is the key component that qualifies our work method and the services we offer.

We are inspired by international operating models. We establish a dialogue and cooperate with different organisations in order to develop effective solutions and innovative answers to the typical issues of the sector: opportunities and change.

Melting Pro has a dual soul: Laboratory for culture and Learning.



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