An information paper prepared by members of the Creative Communities Network (Australia) with funds from the Local Government Research & Development Scheme. It was published in July 2012.

Local Government includes complex and interrelated functions relating directly to culture and the wellbeing of residents, the environment and the economy - on a local, as well as on a State, national and global scale. It also plays a significant role in funding and delivering cultural activities in Australia. In 2009-10, Local Government funding for cultural activities across Australia was $1,197.7m, which was 18% of total cultural funding provided by all levels of government. Building capacity and knowledge in the area of Culture will ensure Local Government makes well informed and value-for-money decisions.

Creative Communities Network

No longer active, the Creative Communities Network (CCN) was a South Australian network of Local Government cultural development workers and representatives of key state-wide arts and cultural organisations keen to support creative communities. Its membership includes the Local Government Association (LGA), Country Arts SA, Arts SA, Migrant Resource Centre, Community Arts Network, Craft South and Carclew. CCN has been in existence since the late 1980s and has close links with the State's major festivals. 


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