Oct 11, 2018

The BASA Art Sponsorship Management Toolkit is designed to develop a company's capabilities to plan, manage and executive more effective art sponsorships. In this way, enhanced sponsorship management practices can provide a business with a set of distinct capabilities that offer an additional source of competitive advantage. The toolkit will improve the skills and expertise of a company's sponsorship management team, which can help set a company apart from its competitors. The research is funded by UNESCO and the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund, and the workshops supported by BASA Members, Hollard and Artinsure.



Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) is a non profit company whose primary aim is to promote mutually beneficial and sustainable business-arts partnership that will benefit society as a whole. BASA was founded in 1997 as a joint initiative between the (then) Department of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology (now the Department of Arts and Culture) and the private sector. BASA has peer agencies in the UK and Australia. BASA has over 160 corporate members.



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