ENCATC, the leading European network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy education, gathers higher educational institutions and training organizations dealing with cultural management education and training. It is an independent membership organization gathering over 100 higher education institutions and cultural organizations in over 40 countries. ENCATC was founded in Warsaw in 1992 to represent, advocate and promote cultural management and cultural policy, professionalize the cultural sector and make it sustainable, and to create platforms of discussion and exchange at the European and international level. ENCATC holds the status of an international non-profit organization, an official UNESCO member NGO, and of “observer” to the Steering Committee for Culture of the Council of Europe.

The mission of ENCATC is to stimulate the development of cultural management and policy in Europe and beyond, engaging and responding to new developments in politics, economics, society and technology.

At date ENCATC counts 136 members in 40 countries. More precisely 105 members in the EU; 1 member in Armenia, Brazil, Croatia, Iceland, Japan, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Syria and United Arab Emirates; 2 members in Canada, Russia, Serbia and Switzerland; 3 members in Ukraine; 4 members in Turkey and 6 members in United States of America. ENCATC and its members have proved in the past 20 years significant experience in the analysis, evaluation and impact assessment of cultural policies from national and European to supranational level.

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