Melting Pro Learning (MeP) was founded by seven experienced cultural managers with the intent to make culture accessible to all through methodologies based on creativity and innovation. It was established in January 2014 as a spin-off of Melting Pro. Laboratorio per la cultura, founded in 2011, which has an important experience in the field of national and European project design.

The Cooperative Melting Pro Learning was created to meet the need of change in the cultural and creative and to promote the development of strategic skills for the industry.

Combines soft skills to offer an innovative approach to culture and available resources to promote it. Develops cultural initiatives at the local, national and European level and implements training courses for professionals in the cultural sector.
Melting Pro develops several projects and offers different training services.

Specifically, it offers tailored courses of Project Management, Digital Storytelling and Audience Development for the cultural sector.

Melting Pro learning is part of the European Network Nemo – Nemo Network of European Museum Organisation.

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