Jun 22, 2018

This social media manual approaches useful hints and tips which have been drawn together from a series of workshops that took place in June 2016 by Christopher Hogg and colleagues. Aimed at arts and culture organisations throughout the EU, this manual will help to explore how companies can expand their online brand so as to push both the reach and significance of their current eff­orts.

Christopher Hogg

I am lucky enough to teach the two-day social media course at Goldsmiths. It is taught with the amazing Adah Parris, Meg Mosley and Chasity Johnson. The course is aimed at artists and cultural entrepreneurs; people with an interest in building up an online brand in a solid and human way. We are often surprised at how creatively social media is being used by the students. We would also like to thank all previous students for helping us constantly to improve what we do. The course quite rightly has a great reputation and the hands-on nature of the teaching means that everyone leaves surprised by something new and a definite plan of action. It is this spirit we have tried to capture in this guide. We would also like to thank Alisa Oleva for passing on her online wisdom in the form of a case study.


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